The Ambassadors for Christ evolved from a group that performed on Easter of 1969. The youth group of Amity Methodist Church was asked to sing at the Sunrise Service. The group was so well received that they decided to stay together and perform wherever they might be asked. They called themselves the Hands of Friendship. This group performed at many area functions, churches, lodges, etc. The members of the Hands of Friendship were Donna Abraham, Cindy Beddow, Cathy and Debbie Cunningham, Denise Garner, Leann and Susan Hammett, Gayle Hartley, Karla Jones, Rena King, Donnie Tennant, Dennis Tucker, and Gary and Jeff Weaver. Instrumentalists were Donnie on tambourine, Dennis and Gary on guitar and Jeff on drums. This group sang together until 1974 when various members went on to college or moved from the area. Our dear friend Rena King passed away August 1, 1994. In May 2007 we were saddened to learn that Gayle Hartley had passed away. Debbie Cunningham passed on in April of 2011,and will be greatly missed.


In August of 1974, the Ambassadors for Christ gospel group was formed, taking the name from II Corinthians 5:20. The original members were Dennis Tucker, and Gary and Jeff Weaver. Joining later were John (Buck) Buchanan and Donnie Tennant, in 1975 and 1976, respectively. Dennis and Gary played guitar and Buck played bass guitar.


The group grew in numbers during the 1970’s and 1980’s with 5 marriages and the births of 14 children from 1974 to 1988. Those children were Gary and Keri Weaver, Sherri and Nicole Tucker, Candice, Angela, Joshua, and Benjamin Buchanan, Jason, Jill, and Jody Tennant, and Jeffrey, Jeremy, and Rachel Weaver. Most of these children were featured in programs at one time or another, usually singing original songs composed by Buck. Gary’s wife, Debbie, Donnie’s wife, Brenda, and Buck’s wife, Donna were also featured soloists. Jeff's wife, Tracy, who is certified in sign language, has signed along with some of the group's songs on occasion. Saturday night was "practice night" and rotated from house to house each week.


The Ambassadors have sung at hundreds of functions during these past 30+ years: church services and celebrations, festivals, fairs, rest homes, benefit sings, reunions, anniversaries, and even weddings and funerals. Performances have been held in barns, covered bridges, tents, a TV studio, and even on the Capitol Music Hall stage when the group entered a contest in 1979. It would be quite a task to name or number all the churches the group has visited during all these years. In the past 2-3 years, a camera has become part of the equipment to take pictures of the places and performances. It is unfortunate that wasn’t started a long time ago!


The group stayed pretty much the same until the late 1980’s when the Gary Weaver family was unable to continue due to conflicts with his work schedule. Jason Tennant played drums for the Ambassadors from 1992 to 2004. He set up the group’s website in 2003. Also joining the group in the mid-1980’s was drummer Joe Landers, who at the time was a student at Waynesburg-Central High School. After graduation, Joe took a construction job to pay for college and, in a tragic accident, was killed on the job in August 1987.


In 1982, the Ambassadors took to the recording studio and recorded their first album titled "Jesus Did Everything for Me." This album was recorded at Ron King Studios in Washington, PA. Randy Heckman was the drummer on this album. Since that first album, the group has recorded 5 other albums, mostly on their own under the direction of Buck. However, a 1991 album titled, "Oh What Love," was recorded once again by Ron King Studios after a generous donation from Mr. and Mrs. D. Kenneth Briggs.


The year 1999 was a landmark year in that the Ambassadors for Christ celebrated 25 years of singing together! A huge celebration was held on August 22 at Amwell Township Park, Washington County, PA. "Fans," old and new, gathered to celebrate with the group. Of course, there was singing and reminiscing throughout the evening, highlighted with special guests and requests from the audience. One of the most memorable moments of the evening was a "reprise" performance of the kids singing, "You Need to Give the Lord Your All." It was a wonderful gathering and definitely a night to remember.


Shortly after this anniversary, Buck became a non-active member, taking time off because of family illness and obligations. He still performed with the group occasionally and his most requested song remains, "The Preacher and the Bear!"   Buck returned full-time to the group in 2004.


The group continues to grow within the Ambassador kids’ generation. Sherri Tucker became the bride of Mr. Christopher Clark in October 2000 and Jason Tennant and Leslie Rollins were married in September 2002. In May 2007 they were blessed with a baby boy, Noah Jacob. Jill Tennant married Mr. Derek Dennick in July of 2003.  Keri Weaver became the wife of  Kevin Cole.  Angela Buchanan is the proud mother of James Andrew Jackson Buchanan and Katherine Jameson.


The Ambassadors were able to add some familiar faces in 2004. Gary Weaver returned to the group in his familiar role, playing rhythm guitar, and his son Gary II has become the bass guitarist. The Weavers' first performance back was in New Freeport in March of 2004. The group welcomes back the Gary Weaver family, as well as three new faces: Gary II's wife, Tina, and their two children, Maria and Matthew. 

 We are pleased to welcome the newest member of our group,our new drummer, Dave Dague. Dave joined us in April of 2012. He and his wife Debbie reside in Washington,Pa.They both fit right in with us from day one,and we are truly blessed to have Dave use his talents for the Lord with us.We thank God as He continues to provide for us, and you will want to meet Dave and Debbie whom we have found to be a great Christian couple.

Ambassadors for Christ continue to go on faith that God will provide the opportunities and the means to maintain the group. There has never been a set charge for performances or for the recordings. The group members have traveled many miles, met lots of great Christian people, and hope to continue for many years to come! The Ambassadors are grateful to God for His many blessings, thankful for all the support we’ve received over the years, and are thankful they will celebrate 42 years in August, 2015.

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